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Adventure Woman Heart- Gold Edition Hanging Link Earrings- SWEVALI

  • 21.68 EUR
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Adventure Woman Heart- Gold Edition Hanging Link Earrings from SWEVALI are loving and very elegant. Earrings are timeless, very elegant and very stylish.

The heart is one of the most famous symbols on the planet. Wherever you are, your heart will always look the same and be considered a sign of love and sincerity.

We at SWEVALI love love, therefore we could not help but offer our fantastic customers a unique and modern link earrings to wear daily wherever you are.

Earring is a fantastic piece of jewelry that will promote your style! Take the opportunity to keep a beautiful and unique earring or why not give it as a gift to someone who means a lot to you?

We have similar bracelets that fit perfectly with these elegant earrings.

  • Stainless Steel 316 L
  • Modern & elegant
  • One size

Earrings are sent in a stylish gift-friendly packaging, whether it is a gift to you or to someone you care about.

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