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Materials and Care Instructions

SWEVALI offers a large selection of jewelery, jewelery is tested and approved according to EU requirements and is also nickel free.

SWEVALI also has a large selection of self-designed leather products, the leather products are made of 100% genuine leather and have a long service life.

• Stainless Steel 916 L Jewelry (Steel Jewelry)

About the product:

SWEVALI's largest range is nickel-free stainless steel 316 L jewelry (Steel jewelry), Steel products are a durable material that can withstand a lot.

Steel jewelry has a darker gray tone than silver jewelry.

Care tips:

If the jewelry gets dirty, it can be cleaned with a little soap and water

• Gold Plated accessories, (Gold plated jewelry)

About the product:

SWEVALI Offers a very large range of gold plated jewelry, with gold plated jewelry it means that the jewelry has a coating of gold.

There are many ways to Gold plating accessories, SWEVALI has chosen to use the latest technology and offer high quality Gold plating through PVD coating.

The core of the jewelry is either made of silver, various metal alloys or steel.  The jewelry has the same look as a gold jewelry but of course gets a lower price.

Care tips:

It is important for you as a customer to know that jewelry with a certain plating should be treated carefully.  The cladding can wear down over time.

To take care of your jewelry for a longer period, it is very important that you try to avoid contact with water, chemicals such as perfume, skin cream and hair spray.  The above can discolor the jewelry.

When you have contact with the above, feel free to wait until you are completely dry before putting on the jewelry.  The best way to store the jewelery when you are not using it is in SWEVALI original box, by storing it in the box you avoid the jewelery coming into contact with chemicals or being exposed to moisture.

• Silver 925

About the product:

Real silver is a relatively soft material and is often combined with other metals.  Therefore, the term 925 sterling silver is used, as 92.5% is genuine silver and the remaining 6.5% usually consists of copper.

Silver jewelry does not have to have a name or a stamp.

SWEVALI offers a large selection of jewelry in 925 sterling silver.

Care tips:

Genuine silver jewelry is relatively soft and should not be used during exercise and physical work.  Dirt and edges may accumulate in the sockets and edges, but it is easy to clean with a soft toothbrush and a little detergent.  If the jewelry has become dull or darkened, just polish it up with a silver polishing cloth.

• General Care tips for all jewelry in general

For all jewelry, you should be careful about them so that they stay nice and shiny for a long time.

Both genuine silver and other metals, with or without plating, can be damaged by cosmetics, skin lotions, hair sprays and other chemical products.

Always take off your jewelery before you shower or bathe.  Do not wear your jewelry when you sunbathe or when you sleep.  Feel free to remove rings and bracelets when you do the dishes or do other housework.

Keep in mind that rings with stones are sensitive to blows.

The best way to store the jewelery when you are not using it is in SWEVALI original box so that it is not exposed to sensitive substances or moisture that can oxidize or discolour the jewelery.