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Luxury Leather Bags Set “Coco Blue Night” - SWEVALI

  • 588.64 EUR
  • 176.59 EUR
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Everyday deal consists of 5 incredibly stylish products. Do you like to match bag with your partner? This package would be a really cruel deal for you!

SWEVALI Leather set “Coco Blue Night” 5 in 1 consists of 5 products! A cruel deal from SWEVALI for you.

The package contains the following products:

  • Leather clutch bag "Coco Blue Night" mini charm
  • Leather sling bag "Coco Blue Night" The classy
  • Leather Phone pouch "Coco Blue Night" the daily
  • Leather Key Holder "Coco Blue Night" the key from swevali
  • Leather card holder "Coco Blue Night" The opulent

  • 100% Genuine Italian Leather
  • Handmade products
  • High quality
  • Water resistant
  • SWEVALI Design
  • Swedish Design

Take the opportunity to store an incredibly stylish everyday package that will make your everyday life easier.

The whole way is packaged in a nice and tasteful original packaging.

We apologize for any spelling errors in translation.