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Midheart Diamond - Gold Edition Necklace Women - SWEWALI

  • 45.26 EUR
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Midheart Diamond - Gold Edition Necklace Ladies - from SWEWALI is a beautiful, elegant and timeless necklace.

Do you like diamonds and luxury? Then this stylish necklace suits you perfectly!

The heart is one of the most famous symbols on the planet. Wherever you are, the heart will always look the same and is considered a sign of love and sincerity. You are greeted by a beautiful heart full of rhinestones that give the necklace a beautiful luxurious lift, a little further up the necklace you will find two beautiful diamonds and also two more heart symbols on each side of the necklace.

We at SWEVALI love love, that's why we couldn't help but offer our amazing customers a unique and modern necklace to wear daily wherever you are.

Necklaces are a great accessory that enhances your style! Take the opportunity to keep a beautiful and unique Necklace or why not give it away as a gift to someone who means a lot to you?

We have similar bracelets, earrings and rings that go perfectly with this beautiful necklace!

The necklace consists of:

  • Stainless Steel 316 L, absolute highest quality.
  • (Nickel free)
  • Diamond (Zirconium)
  • Rhinestone

The size of the necklace:

  • Length: 47-50 centimeters long.
  • Wide: chain is very thin, elegant about 1mm thin

Our accessories are sent in a nice gift-friendly packaging, whether it's a gift for someone who means a lot to you or a gift for yourself!